Windstar sailing July 14 thru August 1 , 2011

We started in Oslo,Norway and sailed south to Germany then North on the Baltic to Stockholm..And then East to St.Petersburg ,stopping at Norway and Estonia .   Click the pic to enlarge



The Ship -                                 Happy to be here                     Here we are                                Walled Cities 


Old world charm                    The ship met by a band               Copenhagen's Little Mermaid              Guarding the Elite


Of course ,Brian went             found  a friend                           And we met friends           Good food along the way


The Hermitage in St.Petersburg ,Russia ..The most fab museum in the world                  Brian and more friends

Brians story : We pose him when we leave the room (pic) and to our surprise when we came back the

cabin guy had made a companion out of towels (2nd pic) ..He had 2 more by trips end